Thursday, January 27, 2011

reasons I love my furbabies

A post dedicated to Oscar and Norah
We all love our pets. Here are some reasons I love my kitties:
1. They love me no matter what I did or didn't do, including forgetting their litter or food.
2. They want me to pay attention to them. It's nice that someone needs me. Oscar actually refuses to let me out of his sight in the morning.
3. They're so soft and cozy and warm! Perfect winter companions.
4. They double as slippers, which is rather convenient when they sleep under my desk.

5. Oscar makes a nice pillow. I love the humming engine of a purr that he makes.
6. They can eat the same thing every day and be happy. And they're even excited when I pour more kibble into their food dish.
7. Norah meows at me when she can't find me. It's cute.
8. Norah also makes a pretty good back massager. She curled up between my shoulder blades when I took a mini-nap on the floor today.
9. "Bedtime for kitties" is a phrase that Oscar understands. He'll roll over for one last petting before I pick him up to snuggle for a minute before I put him in his crate. Sometimes he'll hear me say "bedtime" and he runs right into the crate.
10. I can absolutely ignore them and they don't seem all that upset at me. Cats are great.
11. Norah will eat anything, including cardboard boxes and tape. And yarn. She's hilarious. So far we haven't had to rescue her from far, so good.

12. Oscar enjoys a good game of fetch. He'll bring me a toy and I'll throw it - he'll retrieve it over and over again. I'm usually done with the game before he is. Yes, Oscar is a cat.
13. NorahDoraLoratheExplorer can't resist jumping into unfamiliar situations. This includes cabinets, closets, and underneath the bathroom cabinet in my in-laws' house. Sometimes I wish I was this fearless.
14. Both furballs are happy little travelers. Not a peep out of either one on our 2-3 hour drives to see family. Amazing.
15. I love to bury my face and hands in Oscar's thick, luxurious fur. Norah has yet to understand that petting is a happy thing. She'll get there, I hope.
16. Norah enjoys "playing" video games with my hubby. She'll sit next to him and watch every move...or maybe it's the bright colors? Either way, she's a natural.

17. Oscar will commandeer my husband's big leather desk chair the moment it's vacant. He will not give it back unless you forcibly remove him from the seat. Norah joins him occasionally, but it's clearly Oscar's chair.

18. Oscar can clearly say "hello" in appropriate situations. Smart cat.
19. There was one time that "the big O" stole his kitty treats and dragged them away to die - all the way upstairs. He hid them.
20. Both kitties prefer hydrating in the utility sink - they'll sit under the faucet and catch drips of water in their mouths.

21. Sometimes Norah is just plain dumb. She can't find a toy if it disappears behind a couch pillow. She'll run in circles for her own tail. This is typically a stage of cat development, but she has yet to realize that the tail is hers. Oscar, on the other hand, will find a way to get a lost toy back. Even if that means reaching a paw deep into the couch cushions.
22. They love each other and take care of each other, like good siblings.

23. Oscar finds the strangest positions comfortable. Rather funny...

24. They sit and wait at the door for me when I come home.

What do you love about your pets?

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