Saturday, January 29, 2011

This morning started off rather early for a Saturday - 7:55am, to be exact. I rolled out of bed and drove to our church to pick up our Angel Food order for this month. About 2 miles into the drive, I realized that the gas tank needle was on empty. Ha. This is a ridiculous situation to be in, since I have to drive about 20 miles to get to the church, and there is not a gas station until about a mile past the church. We do live in the middle of nowhere.

So, my DTE said I had about 38 miles left, which is plenty, of course. But when it dropped to 27, the light started flashing and I began to get nervous.

I did make it to the gas station, but not without some coasting and prayer. :o) Silly me for forgetting to fill up on the way home yesterday. Also got the aforementioned Angel Food box.

All this is to lead up to the reason that I stopped at WalMart: because I had time, and I was there already. Sufficient reason, yes? Total damage: 3 cake mixes (cupcake inspiration and excitement from my friend Kristen at Team Fuest), 3-pack of tissues, and juice boxes (because I can't resist, even though I'm a grown up woman now).

I happily drove home and was greeted by my dear husband - big hug and kiss. It's so VERY wonderful to have him home when I get home! I miss him a lot during the week.

Lunch was homemade chicken soup. Successful. Check. My hubby was very appreciative, and I surprised him by pulling out the confetti cake mix. His favorite! Yay! He requested a layer cake, with raspberry filling, and lots of icing. Can do! In the meantime, we played Scrabble. He almost always wins this game, and today I was very close to winning...but, alas! I was short a few points. Oh, well.

I also made cupcakes to freeze.

And here's the cake:

He approves. :o)

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