Friday, January 21, 2011

teaching success.

I ran an effective, positive rehearsal in Women's Choir today. The ladies sang well, and were all very attentive. More talking than I hoped for, but we'll get there. Solfege sight reading is coming along!

It's difficult to be the assistant teacher; much of what I want to do, I can't, since her decisions override mine. I made some musical decisions today that I think are sensible, but that she may well change in the next few rehearsals. I hope that she sees my opinion as valid. Anyway, I think the women did well, and that we accomplished some really lovely musical things together. It was nice to have 25 minutes of the period completely to myself, and without her in the room. Not that I wouldn't welcome her criticism, but it was nice to have it all to myself. What other time during school will I get to practice rehearsal technique with a real ensemble and not feel like I'm being graded? It was a nice opportunity.

On another note, for some reason today, I have not wanted chocolate at all. This is incredibly strange. Cheese curls sound delicious.... I think I'm overtired!

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