Saturday, January 22, 2011

chocolate chip cookies!

Warm, cozy comfort food for a way-below-freezing Saturday night? Sounds amazing.

So I pulled out the Ghirardelli chips. 80% cacao. Mmmmmmmm.

I first compared the G recipe to the Nestle version (my personal favorite), and found that there are very slight differences. I proceeded to use the G recipe, measuring the flour and baking powder - no, soda - into the small mixing bowl. Check. Find salt. Added salt. Done.

Sugars - 3/4 cup of each. I pulled out the white sugar, measured, and dumped....

...into the small bowl of dry ingredients. Problem! For those of you who don't know this cookie recipe by heart: it says to put the flour, salt, and baking soda in a small bowl and sift together, and then to cream the sugars in butter in a separate, larger bowl. Once those are mixed, you add the eggs, vanilla, and very last, the flour mixture.

A mini panic session ensued for this type-A wifey. What do I do? I haven't ever screwed up the chocolate chip cookie recipe, and I've been doing this since I was 10. I can't unmix these, since I'm no chemist. I don't have a sifter. I think I'm gonna cry.

But I have a solution.

The flour/salt/powder/sugar mixture went straight into the big bowl. Added vanilla, eggs, shortening and water (in place of butter). Turned on the mixer. Poof! Dough.

Things were going well. I scraped down the sides of the bowl. And then all of a sudden, the evil dough climbed all the way up the beaters and almost reached the top of the mixer! Darn.

I ended up having to mix the rest of the dough by hand, but that's alright. It's good exercise.

I added the chocolate chips (the ENTIRE bag, thank you) and a handful of walnuts. It doesn't look half bad!

In fact, they look pretty normal. What were the recipe writers thinking? This is actually easier in some ways.

So I figured I would go ahead and bake them. No problems, just a slight cookie casualty as I was putting it on the cooling rack. That's a taste test cookie. :o) Alright! It tastes alright!


So I took a stack of these over to my hubby, who was waiting in great anticipation of these fail-cookies (which were rather successful, I think). I set the cookies down for him, and reached up to touch my hair.

It was then that I realized that I have melted chocolate on my fingers. And in my hair. Seriously?

But the cookies are delicious. Am I overtired? Has it been a draining week? Perhaps, yes.

Definitely yes. But I'm still laughing!

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Karen said...

You are so cute. I read your blog out loud to Matt and Josh. We all think you are so funny. We checked the time of day...yup, supper time. We can picture you telling this story and giggling. I miss you. thanks for sharing this.