Sunday, January 23, 2011

using our gifts

First, a random, recent apple pie I made. Consider this exhibit A: using my gifts. Ha. The hubby enjoyed this delicious offering.

Today's sermon was from Romans 12:3-8, which focuses on the different kinds of gifts that people are given. Some are gifted to teach, or lead, or speak - some are gifted to encourage, to be givers, to show mercy, to serve.

I've always known that I was good at music, and it has been in my heart to be a teacher - I just can't help teaching. To see if I was perceiving these things correctly, I took a few spiritual gifts tests.

The first lists my gifts as musicianship, leadership, and hospitality.
The second one again puts music at the top, followed by discernment, hospitality, wisdom, encouragement, and leadership. Teaching is much further down than I expected.
The third test ranks teaching first, administration second, and exhortation third.

Slightly surprising. But clarifying, I suppose.

I do see myself as a leader, and a person who can easily discern what is the best course of action. I have musical gifts, and I use them gladly. I love having people over at my house, and being surrounded by friends. And, of course, if I have knowledge to share, it's hard to help it!

I suppose these things should confirm for me that I'm in the right place. Conducting is a very leadership and administration based pursuit, but it's also relational. It combines facets of teaching and musicianship. It seems to be the right career for me, if I am to continue to pursue a career. Motherhood is still calling, and I don't know if I could give my best to both. Not a decision for today, though!

Happy Sunday to all.

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