Friday, May 13, 2011

little things

It's the littlest things that give me the most pleasure:

hugs from my husband
surprise phone calls from friends
encouraging words from my mom
forget-me-not flowers
chocolate cupcakes - even without frosting
Oscar-cat weaving himself around my ankles
simple dinners at home with my hubby
bargains at my favorite stores
flip flops
great finds at thrift shops
swap-meets! got new-to-me shoes today.
knitting and crafting of most kinds
new journals, crisp pages, smooth writing pens
playing piano as long as I want to
singing a new song and doing well on the first try
conducting and realizing that the choir is singing every move I show them
enjoying the contrast of blue sky and new leaf green
warm enough air to wear cute tank tops
no homework
free time
enough sleep on pretty floral pillowcases

1 comment:

-stephanie- said...

Amen sister!!!

I can just sense the relief of an ended semester (o:

Hope we can spend some of this relaxed time with you guys soon!