Monday, May 16, 2011

clean all the things!

clean all the things!
an image brought to you by Hyperbole and a Half, whose blog is full of funny things (be forewarned: there are some bad words).

Today I cleaned a lot of the things. Small sampling:

dusted the dining/living/bed/bath rooms
swept the kitchen (twice), laundry room, and bath room
vacuumed the bedrooms, dining room, and living room (including couches)
cleaned up the litter box (hate this chore)
did three loads of laundry and put it all away
deep cleaned the bathroom, including bleaching the plastic shower curtain liner and scrubbing every surface that wasn't a wall
mopped the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom
made the bed
washed the dishes in the sink
cleaned the counter clutter
swept the basement and put some boxes away to prepare for mouse trap placement (yuck)
made lunch: bean/beef/rice/cheese burritos.
dessert: cupcakes.
made dinner: creamy chicken and bowtie pasta with broccoli.
dessert: vanilla pudding with bananas and 'nilla wafers
washed the dishes in the sink again
ran the dishwasher

Exhausting. Then I sat down at my computer and got information about appointments that I need to schedule, answered emails, and realized that I could probably fall asleep soon. But I'm still awake, and I'm trying to decide what I'll do for my recital next year. Instead, I've set a vacation responder on my school email. (evil laugh here)

But I still need to decide on a recital program. I'm considering these options:
1. Settings of "Agnus Dei" across the centuries, from 1500's to 1900's
2. Songs about or related to visual art
3. Music that develops the adolescent voice - this could be taken in many directions, from building sight reading skills to singing connected phrases

...and many more ideas are floating around in my head. I need to tell my adviser on Thursday so that he can give me the go-ahead to research this summer. I don't know what to pick. Not feeling very driven right now!

At least all the things are clean. :o)

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