Sunday, June 5, 2011

baking for music nerds

Hubby and I went to worship band rehearsal on Thursday, and were reminded that the music ministry teams would have a booth at Sunday's ministry fair. "Would anyone be willing to make a snack?" the team leader asked. (Please don't ask me. I don't feel like it.) "Cookies?" (Hubby looks at me with a big smile) "Maybe cookies shaped like music notes?" (Uh, oh. Hubby knows that I have a music-note shaped cookie cutter.)

"Linnea can make cookies!" hubby volunteers. (Darn. Now I have to. And I have to admit that yes, I am a music nerd, and yes, I do have an eighth-note shaped cookie cutter, though it was a gift.)

We went to get groceries that evening anyway, so I picked up the cheater package of Betty Crocker's sugar cookie mix. Add butter, one egg, and we're golden. No waiting two hours for it to refrigerate, and it makes a good number of cookies. Done.

I made the cut outs, baked them, and made my own vanilla frosting to make up for the lack of homemade-ness from the Betty Crocker mix. The cookies actually do taste pretty great, and I can't tell the difference. So I didn't tell anyone at church...not yet, anyway. I don't think they'll mind, either.

I borrowed my friend Kristen's rather extensive sprinkle collection to top off these sugary beauties. She has no less than 20, yes, twenty, kinds of sprinkles, including shapes like teddy bears, gingerbread men, snowmen, dolphins, alphabet letters, and cows(!). I decided to go with just the sugars and nonpareils. I became especially fond of the mixed colored sugar, and almost squirreled it away into my cake decorating cabinet...but that would be bad. So I may just have to buy my own!

Here are the cute (and tasty and almost gone) results:

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Andy and Kristen said...

They were SOOOO good Linnea!!! I seriously could have eaten a ton of them! You can borrow my sprinkles anytime :)