Sunday, June 5, 2011


I love Kohl's. They have the best customer service I've ever encountered, and a great return policy. Three examples:

1. They allow returns of any merchandise for any reason, even without the tag attached. This came in handy when I purchased an adorable Chaps Ralph Lauren purse. I owned it for a good two months, and then the handle began to fall apart. I initially exchanged it for the same one, thinking it was a fluke, but the same thing happened again. I hung onto the bag for about six months, and couldn't bear it anymore. Kohl's returned it for my full purchase price, since I had my receipt. Awesome.

2. They will return even holiday merchandise. I received some holiday stuff that just was not my style, and it was definitely already past that holiday...they took it back and gave me a gift card. No questions asked.

3. Their online customer service is excellent. I called today to get a shipping address changed, and the associate answered the phone within a minute. In a short five minute call, the issue was resolved. No hold music, no funky transfers between associates - just speedy, helpful customer service.

Other reasons I love Kohl's are as follows:
1. Cute decorating stuff. I have so many picture frames from here, photo albums and a few adorable holiday items - a table runner, placemats, ornaments, candles, dishtowels...
2. Quality basics - love their opaque tights and dress socks.
3. Comfy sheets. I have a nice Wamsutta set from here, as well as a Jumping Beans jersey fabric set.
4. Their juniors t-shirts are priced so reasonably.
5. Great sales, great coupons, great discounts. There was one time that I purchased a jewelry set for more than 50% off the original price, plus a coupon discount.
6. Speaking of that, they have a lot of cute costume jewelry, and some nicer stuff. I have a pair of pearl earrings from there which I adore.
7. Kohl's cash promos.
8. Reasonably priced jeans for the hubby, and bargain brand-name sneakers ($36!) for me.
9. Clean bathrooms and fitting rooms.
10. Great accessory section.
11. Gift cards that don't expire.

Love. Anyone want to go shopping?

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