Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a little "knit" music

The title is a tongue-in-cheek reference to music - "A Little Night Music" is the translation of the title of one of Mozart's pieces. Knit music? That's what kept me busy on Sunday night. :o) Leave it to a music nerd...

I raided my mom's stash of yarn and found three beautiful, soft, baby yarns in white, light blue, and light green. It was begging to become something, anything.

There were the size 10.5 straight needles. There was the yarn. And then 1x1 ribbing, stockinette stitches, stripes of knit for contrast, and an impromptu I-cord and pom-pom.

It's a hat!

Mom didn't mind. :o)


Daniel P. Landin said...

you're turning into the next "Grandma" of the Landin family :) awesome job!

-stephanie- said...

So... when all of us start having kids, can we place orders??? (o: