Saturday, June 25, 2011

a sewing adventure

Yesterday I started a sewing project that I finished today. This is an accomplishment in itself!

I was inspired by this tutorial, and had to create my own! I followed her directions (mostly), adding a cute hand-sewn bird applique. I added some interfacing to the birdie before I sewed it on.

Without further ado, here is my pieced pillow!

I used some fabric scraps from my mom's stash - a couple of fabrics used for skirts, an old light blue sheet, and a worn white sheet with a pretty, raised, white-on-white pattern.

For the birdie applique, I printed a free photo of a bluebird, which I first desaturated and bumped up the contrast so it would be easier to work with. I then cut out that "pattern" and pinned it to the blue fabric. Tweet!

Never mind the blue ticking stripe that shows up behind the pillowcase. I'll be putting this on a white pillow when I have the opportunity.

For the back, I made an overlapping pocket - no buttons (or button holes!) required.

What do you think? I'm pleased with it!


Karen said...

You know I love it! It was a pleasure to see you create. Good job sewing. My stash looks much better as a cute pillow.

Karen said...

You inspire me to create something, too. I love you.

Andy and Kristen said...

so cute linnea!! i LOVE the little birdie! i own a sewing machine, but i'm lucky if i can even get the thread in the right place!

The Mother Huddle said...

I love the way it turned out! I would have never thought to use an applique, and it gives it just the right amount of whimsy :)
Thanks so much for letting me know, and for the mention!