Thursday, June 23, 2011

thrifting again!

It has been a happy week of thrifing and finding-in-my-parents'-basement! Here are the spoils:

vintage Pyrex:

Refrigerator dishes (no lids, though)
medium blue 1.5 pint
small pink 1.5 cup
small red 1.5 cup - from my mom
large yellow 1.5 quart

large 1940's yellow mixing bowl
large covered yellow square bowl with four small yellow square bowls, which belonged to my Nanny. It's called a "hostess oven-and-table set." Looks like 1950's or so.


a flower frog like this
a crystal dish from my great-grandmother, Alice
two large blue Ball "perfect mason" jars
one small blue Ball "perfect mason" jar
one small blue Atlas jar


an old Canada Dry crate - will soon hold magazines and/or mail at my house. from Mom.


80's trendy orange bundt pan - from my mom, with a beloved recipe.


blue/turquoise/yellow/green vintage twin size sheet from my mom
hand embroidered white and pink floral tablecloth - needs some laundering, but so cute!


a Jane Austen novel that looks brand new.

And the total cost for my thrifting adventure? $19.45

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Andy and Kristen said...

love the mason jars! i'm a bit smitten with those blue beauties lately :)