Wednesday, July 27, 2011

fifteen dollars

Today I spent a few hours just for me… at the thrift shop, of course! I dropped off a rather large bag of donations, got a receipt, and started the hunt. Today was “WOW! Wednesday”, which meant that absolutely everything in the store was 50% off the marked price. A blessing! I loaded my arms full of awesome stuff, considered buying a stack of these, even though they’re not exactly the same as mine. The stack of seven saucers was a tempting price, but I passed them up. I really just want to find more dishes that match mine, not coordinate. I also tried a pair of Naturalizer sandals, but they just weren't right. There's also a lampshade that I may go back to buy another day.

But I digress.

After forking over a mere $15, this is the loot:

A yellow cotton swaddle blanket (50 cents - similar ones are about $11) with pristine Velcro for future baby Burrs (not in the near future, mind you); a stack of organic cotton yarn at fifty cents each (retails for about $5 a skein); a 1970's double sixes wood dominoes set with dragons on the back (50 cents - sells for about $13), polka dot swim shorts from Target (about $9); nylon polka dot shopping bag (that’s the rectangular pouch on the striped shirt); a gray/purple cotton American Eagle cami (similar ones are about $25); a New York & Company striped dress shirt (similar - $30); a leather-look purse (Chateau brand) with a cute bow; and a sleeveless shirt from the Gap – light aqua with white polka dots. Probably about $150 of merchandise for 10% of the original price. That's okay by me!


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