Sunday, July 10, 2011

hazy summer days.

I need to make these! And in other news...

I'm loving the summer weather - being able to hang out with my hubby, enjoy the freedom to rest, and the time to do the crafts/cooking/baking I've been planning!

This past weekend, we took a trip to a beach on Lake Erie. I wasn't expecting much, since it's a lake beach - you know, stones, cold water, not-so-attractive swimming conditions - but it was great! The sand was mostly soft, and there was a bank of smooth pebbles leading into the lake water. It was a lovely 70 degrees outside, with a breeze, and the water was warm! and shallow! It was so wonderful to just relax all day. Peaceful waves, seagulls, colorful umbrellas, my hubby and family right there, a couple magazines...

I picked up some sea glass (pieces of broken glassware, tumbled smooth by the lake), got slightly burned shoulders, and enjoyed my new swimsuit and coverup. Thankful for a joyful time together! Perhaps we'll make another trip soon!

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