Monday, July 11, 2011

birthday/anniversary goodness

We celebrated my birthday last weekend, and we were with my parents and family, since my sister was leaving for a mission trip on that following Monday. My hubby was super-sneaky and surprised me with these!

Three red roses - one for each year of our married life, and because I love getting flowers. He had gone to four different florists (a lot of driving in this area) to finally find one that was open on Saturday and able to fill his order.

He told me that his birthday present to me was "too big to bring" and that I'd have to wait until I got home. You can imagine how curious I was! He told me that he had been working on it all week, and that it was pretty special.

So what was it?

After I had been gone for three weeks, teaching at a summer music school in my parents' hometown, he had taken the time to clean the whole house! And bought a bottle of nice wine and set up a little romantic display with one of my Willow Tree figurines. So sweet! He usually doesn't think of doing household chores like that, though he's willing to do something if asked. He had even washed the dishes and put them away - something he hates doing. Reason? Because he wanted to give me a day off when I came home. Happy.

I am loved.

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