Friday, July 1, 2011

loving the little things

There's a children's song from Sunday school that I remember - "Jesus loves the little ones like me! me! me!"

Today, I noticed more of the "little things" than usual. A student handed me a crayon-on-construction-paper note, thanking me for teaching her. I left school for the day in a great mood, breathing in fresh, clean air, enjoying the warm sunshine, and loving the cool breeze. I drove the posted 15 mph down the hill and across the bridge, and noticed a goldfinch, perched on a tall blade of grass. He bent it gently...

Later, I photographed flowers with my sister, and we appreciated the beauty together. There was a firefly with blue-spotted wings that landed almost close enough for a photo - almost!

I dressed and got ready for the evening's performance, and parked for free in the city lot. Walking to the theater, I "followed" a little brown sparrow as he hopped from windowsill to windowsill on an old brick building.

I enjoyed the smooth, cool piano keys as I prepared to play, and loved the way my concert-black skirt skimmed the stage.

Leaving for home, I walked past the same brick building, and this time, noticed a small vine beginning to creep up the wall. Little bright green and red leaves, delicate tendrils, wrapped around hard, rough stone. New life in a tough place, between cement and stone.

That's where I feel most of the time: between cement and stone. In the middle of tough school work, bad job situations, and poor finances. But the blessings still come. I have everything I need - truly, everything. We have received what we need each time that we come close to not having enough. God is faithful.

As I drove home, the sunset was so many beautiful colors, like a smooth, gently striped seashell in pinks, purples, yellows, and blues. Blessed - through raindrops, through pain, through difficult jobs, times of physical distance, and emotional struggle. Blessed.

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