Wednesday, July 6, 2011

new baby, new hat...of course!

A friend of mine just welcomed her first little one - a baby girl, whose first initial is "J." Hubby and I planned to go see the family today and enjoy lunch together. But first...

1. I made chocolate chip cookies. Pretty sure that new mom loves chocolate and has no time for baking. Check.

2. I made a cute baby hat with new baby J's initial. Felt very knit-savvy, as I used yarn from my stash (sport weight acrylic) and made up my own pattern, down to the initial and heart motif. Love.

Both new parents loved the little hat, and baby J didn't mind modeling it as she slept. She's so precious!
Pardon the fuzzy picture from hubby's phone. Best we could do while baby was sleeping!

And on a completely different subject, my photography hobby could potentially be more expensive. But it's so cute!! If only I could justify the purchase... I might have to actually get paid for picturing first. Sigh. But my black case (which is functional) screams "I'm a camera! Steal me!" And I really want a cute bag. But I can't (won't?) pay that much. Love their bags anyway! I think the Clover design is my favorite.

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Andy and Kristen said...

so cute!!! i can't believe you can just whip up a hat like that!