Friday, August 19, 2011

lament for a sewing machine c. 1980-2011

heavy steel, delicate thread
well-oiled parts, clean and sharp
just enough give and take

quiet years, dusty case
easily replaced, old and dull
almost forgotten

opened box, new notions
new-found friend, light and use
a chance to assist and create

one, two, three, more
inspired projects, peace and delight
a passion and pastime

halted work, crunched grip
knotted thread, tight and pulled
too much to take

patient hands, labored, slow
restored function, not quite right
back in the box


All that to say, I'm really frustrated that my sewing machine is not working properly. I can't do any projects until it's fixed or until I have a new one. Just in time for school to start, right? I guess that can't distract me anymore. Studies, here I come. Sad face.

Update 9/25/11: The sewing machine has made its way to the shop. Hoping that it doesn't cost a whole lot, and that it works again soon! In the meantime, I have my MIL's old workhorse of a sewing machine in case I want to sew...correction, if I have time to sew!

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