Monday, September 26, 2011

hymn: final draft.

Here it is: my final draft of the hymn I've been writing for my History of Church Music class. I made some subtle changes to verses 1 and 4, a little change to verse 3, and some major changes to verse 2. Take a look at my second draft and first draft, if you'd like!

When We Have No Sufficient Answer

When we have no sufficient answer,
Father, we come on bended knee.
When acts of hatred, violence, terror,
Threaten to break our unity,
In faith, to You, we lift our gaze.
King of Peace, You hold all our days.

When darkness comes, our minds oppressing,
Spirit of Wisdom, we cry out.
We fall before you, mouths confessing,
We need your help, remove our doubt.
Come with your fire; on us alight.
Burn in our hearts; make darkness bright.

When in our grief we cry in sadness,
Jesus, you promise perfect peace.
You will restore our hearts to gladness
O Living One, our chains release!
Comfort our souls, wipe tears away,
As in the promised heav’nly Day.

When we are faced with fear and sorrow,
We reaffirm the Trinity.
Strength for each day, hope for tomorrow!
Unchanging Lord, Divinity.
Yours is the victory, battles won.
Praise to You, Father, Spirit, Son.


Karen said...

Well done! We like the way you used Father, Spirit, Jesus, and then Trinity.

Daniel P. Landin said...

When will you post it set to music? Awesome lyrics and sweet rhyme scheme.