Thursday, September 29, 2011

September, in summary.

I've been taking photos for the past month, I promise! Here's a quick catch-up for you:

Banana cream pie from scratch - turned out deliciously!! The custard was delicious.

A whole big kettle full of apple sauce from the apples we picked up in our yard - mmm!

And an apple-blueberry pie for good measure. The cute little star cut-outs in the crust are from an antique cookie cutter that I picked up for 75 cents at an antique store.
I've been loving my Pyrex mixing bowls, and just got a medium-large light yellow one, courtesy of my mom. I now have one of each size - large yellow, medium-large light yellow, medium red, small blue. Yay!

Here is my first ever attempt at meringues - they look great, here...
...and here. They also tasted yummy. However, they were sooo sticky! They didn't get crispy enough. I'll try again, another day.

September has also included so much busyness at grad school, various conducting opportunities, weekend travel, football, poetry-writing, reading, not enough knitting, and time with the handsome husband. That's September, in summary!

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