Wednesday, October 19, 2011

and today at grad school

And today at grad school, I used a power tool!!

Well, just an electric screwdriver, but it was cool. We just got a new Wenger folder cabinet for the choir folders, and I had to readjust the height of the shelves to accommodate our binders. This meant eight screws and Linnea wielding a bright orange Black & Decker screwdriver. Awesome. It brought a wee bit of self-sufficient happy to my day.

In other news, I also bought a $13 t-shirt for $5 at the campus store, followed soon thereafter by the news that my $60 parking ticket had been reduced to $5. Win.

I ate a quick lunch, accompanied for an hour, and went to class... finding out that I most certainly have an A for this half of the semester. Sweetness.

There's a tree on campus that has some strange looking fruit that looks like an overgrown cherry with bumps all over it. I have since discovered that it's a Kousa Dogwood, and the fruit is edible! It tastes like a peach with a really weird texture. It's a soft, fleshy orange color on the inside, and the skin is reddish orange. Cool!

Many reasons for happy. So many more than what's here. I'm blessed!


Andy and Kristen said...

Wait, what?! I can eat the fruit off my tree??

Linnea said...

yes, indeed! At least, Wikipedia says so. And I didn't have any adverse reaction when I ate some. :o)