Saturday, October 8, 2011

creativity and sunshine

I'm absolutely loving this sunny fall weather! Blue skies, perfectly colorful leaves, and the warmth - but with that crisp, autumn scent. Bliss.

I had some fun today packaging up a gift for my husband's cousin, who will have a baby girl in December. I made some cute pink booties for her, and bought a 1963 vintage copy of a Little Golden Book to use for the "card." But the book should have a bookmark, so I made one. Then I got a little more inspired, and wrote a poem about learning to read. And then it had to be on a scrapbook page... you know how this goes!

First, the booties. Pink acrylic yarn, Mary Jane strap, pink flower button. Cute!
And the book, with the bookmark:
Inspiration - there must be a poem! Enter the scrapbook page, ready for a photo of the new baby princess when she arrives.
Here's the text of the poem that I wrote on her scrapbook page:
As you learn and grow and play
finding wonder in each day,
may letters and words unlock for you
stories, dreams and questions new,
leading you at last to find
that you're a treasure in God's mind.

In the Bible, words for you,
words of love, strong and true:
Jesus died to make you free;
lives again, your Friend to be.

--- Linnea L. Burr, 2011


Rachel said...

what a sweet gift! the pink booties are beautifullll!

Charis O'Connell said...

Oh those are so cute Linnea! I'm currently trying to crochet again and trying to make some flowers for the first you know of any favorite, easy patterns?

Anonymous said...

Thank you soo much for the time and love that you put into lillyanna's gift. I loved every part of it!! I was soo happy to see you, and blessed that you made the drive to share it with me. Cant wait to send you pictures of her wearing your booties!!! Love you