Sunday, October 30, 2011

the tooth fairy, grapes, Harry Potter, Miss Rhode Island, Braveheart, et al

The College Choir has an annual October party which usually falls sometime near Halloween. Costumes are most definitely involved. Tonight's shenanigans at the director's house included a campfire and s'mores, kickball (me in sequined ballet flats, too), the judging of costumes by the director's three children, doughnuts, cider, and friendly conversation. Much silliness was had by all.

Of note were the following ingenious costumes:

a mermaid
soccer referee
a bunch of grapes - complete with a stem made of her dreadlocked hair
Harry Potter himself, though much taller than pictured in film, and sadly, without his owl friend
Miss Rhode Island, especially notable for her light-up heels
Braveheart, wearing both a plaid kilt and a blue spandex suit underneath
various other choir members, as themselves
and me, the tooth fairy.

What, you didn't know? The tooth fairy wears light purple and aqua wings, liberally sprinkled with sparkles, sports a silvery dress, and silver sequined shoes. She also wears lots of sparkly eye shadow, costume jewelry, and ribbon in her hair. And gloves and tights, since it's October in New York state. She also carries a tooth brush wand, complete with sparkly blue "toothpaste."

The things I do for choir... :o)

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