Thursday, November 10, 2011

feeling it

Today, I'm feeling it.
A little fatigued from last night's Zumba experience - wow, I am not a dancer - a little emotional from the amount of alone time I've had, and a little overwhelmed by the work I have to do in between now and tomorrow.

I've enjoyed waking up to the sun streaming in my windows, but this morning, I just woke up and felt...sad. Not ready for the day. Pull-the-covers-back-up and hide sort of morning. Listen to five more minutes of classical radio before I drag myself out of bed. Even my gummy bear vitamin wasn't quite as pleasant. I saw my blooming Christmas cactus and wanted to be joyful, but didn't feel that way.

The turn-around? Singing. Thanks to God for Handel and his setting of "for unto us a Child is born," and for God deciding to make me with a voice that can do that reasonably well. Thanks for the opportunity to be in a choir again, to be with people, to pursue excellence. To appreciate the Steinway, to enjoy the perfectly balanced and tuned chords, to sing with others.

And thanks for tea. And friends. And chocolate! And peace in my home and at my school.

I will be okay.

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