Friday, November 4, 2011

positive post.

And now I will count my blessings:

1. Hubby and I will be together tonight. Yay! He has a job - another hooray!
2. Dinner is in the crock pot = less work for me. And I think hubby will love it - Sausage and Cheese Chowder.
3. I have already vacuumed and dusted and swept. All that's left to clean is the bathroom. (And do laundry. And file papers. But this is a blessing post, right?)
4. Grapefruit was the same price per pound as apples yesterday. Guess who bought beautiful ruby-red grapefruit instead of apples? Yes, me. Happy.
5. The fall colors are fewer and farther between, but they're lovely. I like how they begin to look darker, richer, red/brown-er as the fall fades.
6. The sunset tonight is beautiful - pink clouds with purple undersides, coral/pink sky, bare tree silhouettes. (Huh. "Silhouettes" is a French word we actually pronounce almost correctly in American English.)
7. My kitties are particularly snuggly today.
8. I have cute little fall decorations on the dining room table, and my "spiced pumpkin" scented candle is lit.
9. I am currently scheduling courses for my final semester of schoolwork. Final. Semester. This much closer to a Master's degree and a permanent NYS certification in Music Education.
10. I got to conduct in rehearsal a lot more often this week than usual. Good for me, and fun. More work, but fun.

There. Ten blessings. And a thankful heart, for God has provided everything I need.

Oh! and an eleventh: I have gummy-bear vitamins. That is all.

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Andy and Kristen said...

Oh man, I know what you mean about too much alone time. So glad your day got better! I miss you, friend. My sewing machine hasn't moved since we last tried to fire that baby up, but maybe our next date could involved some music between a piano and cello?? ;) Or, you know, tea and chocolate. You can never go wrong with tea and chocolate!