Thursday, November 3, 2011

a story of stress

Just when I think I'm doing okay...

...I brought a picnic supper for hubby and me before church band rehearsal tonight. We carried the food into the cafe area at Tops, and managed to drop the apple cake on the way. Good thing it was in pyrex, with a plastic lid tightly closed. Nothing broke. Still good! Dinner was delicious - meatloaf, broccoli, cauliflower, corn muffins, (a little crumbly, now) apple cake with this glaze. We ate, enjoyed conversation and just being together. That was good.

The bad part was that when we got up to leave, I couldn't find my keys anywhere. We retraced our steps, looked inside the car windows, checked where we'd been again, asked the management - nothing. So we left to scour the parking lot one more time - and found my keys, just steps from my car. I said a prayer of thanks, but felt like crying.

I went back inside to get groceries while hubby went to band rehearsal. I managed to stay composed and not cry, finding the things on my list and leaving (and just now realizing that I forgot rubber gloves again). I stopped by rehearsal to enjoy the music and then headed home with the groceries.

As I unloaded, I again flipped the apple cake, but this time, the lid wasn't on securely, and all of the delicious icing stuck the cake to the dirty doormat in our basement entry. Enter flood of (unreasonable and unpreventable) tears. I still feel upset.

I took what remained of the cake upstairs and scraped off the top half. There are now three plates of large crumbles without icing which were once an apple cake. I just couldn't put the whole thing in the trash. We're strapped for cash as it is, and I just can't waste what might still be good... even if it sounds silly.

I'm so tired. Renew me, Lord. I have to give a presentation at school tomorrow, my reading isn't done and my book is at school. I'm tired. I'm stressed. I miss time with my husband.

And here I thought I was doing well. I need the strength that only God can give - now especially.

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