Sunday, January 8, 2012

in an instant

Today, I'm enjoying instant cocoa, made with instant heat on my electric glass cooktop, instant communication through texting, bright pink cactus blossoms, streaming sunshine and blue skies in this western New York January, light at the flip of a switch, status updates on Facebook and instant encouraging words in email. So much can change with the instant...

a smile
a twinkle
a spark
a clap of thunder
a breath, a cry, a life
a flickering flame, light
a smoldering wick to remind
what happened in an instant

What am I thankful for today? For the many normal moments piled up on each other that make up life (including the drudgery of dishes, the beauty of lightly floating falling snow, the taste of tea and cookies, the voice of my mother on the phone, the warmth of my hooded sweater), for communication, for no screeching-halt turn-around crisis moments in this day, for moments of clarity and perspective in this (short, wispy, momentary) life. Thankful for the normal, for this very instant, and for the many instants we take for granted.

But mostly, I'm thankful for the moments that God stepped into time, bore the constraints of a human life, died a painful death, and rose to new life, making it possible for me to enjoy life for every moment in His presence.


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Sara said...

Absolutely lovely. :) Thanks for sharing!