Friday, January 6, 2012

more vintage sheets!

My mom and my sister came to visit me yesterday! It was a lovely, full day - tea party, cupcakes, lunch, shopping, puzzle-ing, dinner - with many hugs in between. I'm so glad they came!

In our shopping adventures, we went thrifting (of course). I got an almost-new fleece half-zip pullover by Columbia, and I picked up two vintage sheets. Surprise!

Both twin-size sheets are my favorite No-Iron Percale, 50% cotton, 50% polyester. I'm seeing a couple of aprons for my sisters-in-law, maybe a crib-sized baby blanket (quilted, perhaps? I've been wanting to try...), possibly a summery skirt for me - but right now, they look like happy tablecloths draped across my table!

Norah seems to approve of the $2.99 price tag. The other sheet was just $1.50. So great - I couldn't buy the amount of fabric for that little, and I love it!

I also had a little time this week to do some sewing. My sewing machine was fixed, thanks to my husband's aunt and mother, who took it to a reputable shop in their area. I made a little something to thank my MIL:
...a sleep mask.
It has fleece on the back, with this pretty black-and-white toile on the front.
Do you think she'll like it? I hope so!

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