Tuesday, January 3, 2012

little things

Some little things today that made me smile:

Sunshine on sparkling snow, and no reason to drive in it. hooray!

Norah kitty voluntarily snuggling with me...

Oscar kitty cuddly as always...

Knitting a scarf for charity - almost done. I almost fell asleep on the couch during this project, though. It was cozy with Norah-Dora on my lap and fuzzy yarn in my hands.

Altering and then wearing an Aran sweater vest I found at a secondhand shop, along with a scarf and hat set I got at that swap meet back in May. The vest was a rather spontaneous purchase - I was on a wintry walk with my mom, sister, and a family friend, when we passed the shop window. I knew it was for me! It just needed to be a little smaller. I made a Linnea Out of Clothes so you could see:
I'm cute and cuddly, friends. Just like the penguins from the Madagascar movie. Cute and cuddly.

Choosing some new music to study this semester, and subsequently deciding to be excited about it.

Enjoying a microwaved s'more on cinnamon grahams. Yay! Perfect follow-up for a healthy meal of tilapia, avocado slices on wheat toast, and parmesan-sprinkled spinach, you see.

Loving my new gold nail polish! Conductors and pianists don't get to wear polish often, you know. Winter break and summer break present excellent opportunities for this little indulgence!
Hubby told me I should buy something little for me to enjoy, since I'm always buying or making little things for him (cookies, this last time). $2 well spent, I think.Thank you to the hubby, and to Wal-mart for meeting my budget requirements.

Hanging and turning on my new Swedish welcome star - love. Thank you, Grandpa and Grandma!

I'm feeling a little less burdened by my cold. Thankful for medicine, extra sleep, and vitamins.

Listening to a Bach motet and singing along - at least, as best I can with this cough I'm struggling to get through

Having (many cups of) tea in many varieties - hooray for Twinings.

And those, my friends, are just the little things. I am blessed - may I never forget.

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