Sunday, January 1, 2012


I know, many of you have probably already read someone else's post about their New Year's resolutions. Here's another one, anyway. It helps to "say" it "out loud" to someone!

I'm resolving to...

keep a body/health/nutrition/medication/exercise journal to track what I'm eating, how my body feels, and to try to determine more exactly what my food allergies are, how I'm responding to medication, and if stress is responsible for some of my symptoms

exercise more times a week, striving for at least five

treat my husband with more love, more kindness, more patience, more understanding

find balance between work, school, home, family, personal needs, and friends

read my through-the-Bible in a year plan again, but more faithfully

not place too much emphasis on my performance, but on my character, striving for godliness rather than for perfection

be more thankful and positive

slow down and rest more often

take more pictures, paint more pictures, create some form of art each day

speak out about my faith more clearly

Will you hold me up in prayer about one or two of these things? I would appreciate it!

Happy New Year!

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