Tuesday, January 31, 2012

little things

This morning, I woke (as usual) before my alarm, and was so pleasantly surprised to be blessed with a sunny January day! I enjoyed the gentle glow filtering through my white curtains, said a prayer of thanks, and snuggled deeper into my cozy sheets for just a few more minutes.

I was ready for school earlier than usual, and decided to spend a little time outside before leaving. I grabbed my sparkling sunglasses, pulled on fuzzy warm boots, donned my white dress coat, and went out.
...and it was way too warm!

The sun was warm on my face, and most of the 6” of snow we had received yesterday was already melting away.
So, naturally, I seized the opportunity to make a snowman.

...with a mustache, of course!

He didn’t last all day, but the little happy memory did.
Thankful for the little things:

Brilliant blue sky
Fluffy clouds, just barely tinged pink, orange, purple, gray
Warm sunshine in January in New York (what???)
Extra time in my morning
Seizing moments to be creative
Peace in my home
Friends to take me to school
A little extra vitamin D in my day
Moments of happy

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minnka said...

I love how positive you are! <3 Krystal