Tuesday, January 31, 2012

confetti cake + fresh pineapple filling + almond frosting

Last weekend, I was home from school in time to make a few special things for the hubby! One of them was this cute little cake.

I used a box mix (shh.... no one has to know!) for a confetti cake, using half of the batter for cupcakes (now frozen) and half for a small sheet cake, which you see here.

For the filling,I used some frosting left over from the pineapple cupcakes I made, also adding bits of fresh pineapple.

I made an almond buttercream frosting, and topped it with red sugar (Cake Mate) and little hearts (Wilton). To make the heart shape in the middle, I traced a cookie cutter onto parchment paper, and then placed it in the middle of the cake while I sprinkled red sugar heavily around the outside of the heart. I then removed the parchment paper to add the heart sprinkles in the middle.

It was delicious!

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