Tuesday, May 8, 2012

improvisation: strawberry shortcakes

The other day, when I had made cookies for our little surprise, I had some leftover cookies that didn't get iced. They were in the freezer for a while, and I took them out last week to make (improvised) strawberry shortcakes!

First, I made some cream cheese frosting, following the Betty Crocker recipe. I mixed up just a little bit - about half the recipe - to use up the 4oz of cream cheese I had in the fridge.
Meanwhile, I defrosted some sliced strawberries from last summer's harvest.
Looking tasty!
Cookies: ready to go. First, I laid out five relatively flat-bottomed cookies, keeping another five to top them later.
Then, I spread a generous layer of cream cheese frosting on each cookie. Mmmm!
Next, I topped each cookie with some strawberry slices - pretty.
I love the way my Pyrex mixing bowls look in the background. Happy.
Next, I iced the underside of each of the reserved cookies...
...and made a cookie sandwich for each of the prepared strawberry cookies.
Then, of course, what would shortcake be without a sprinkling of powdered sugar?

They were delicious! Just the right amount of soft cookie, strawberry juice, and tangy cream cheese. Husband approved. :o)

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Victoria said...

What a great looking treat:) I am very much in the mood for strawberry sweets these days.