Thursday, June 14, 2012

our living street, or, on the street where we live.

We live on a


road. There's a big yellow sign with bold black lettering to prove it. I find that somewhat insulting.

We live.

There must be better terminology for streets without a connection on both ends.

  • no outlet
  • no exit
  • quiet street
  • no through traffic
  • one way in, same way out
I guess this is not really a big deal. But to prove that things LIVE on our dead end street, here's a little walk up and down our road!

This is my tiny little shade garden, full of little annuals that I picked up at Lowe's for just $5. begonias,

...impatiens in pink, white, and bright pink, and some coleus for color.

Right in front of our porch, we added some pachysandra.

Here's a better view of the little pachysandra garden in front of our porch.

Across the street is our little parking lot. There's a large vine growing with these beautiful white flowers. I don't know what they are, but they're pretty, and fragrant!

As we walk down the little street, there are little surprises, like this forget-me-not, tucked under a bush.

The house nearest the end of the street has a few pretty rose bushes that peek out through their fence.

See the little bee?

Spray roses spilling out onto the sidewalk. If they're on the sidewalk, I can pick them, right? Right? Oh.

Today, there was also this moth...butterfly? as I walked along.

Such bright pink roses!

Doesn't that just shout "summer"? Love the coral pink/bright blue contrast.

Butterfly rests for a bit...

Weeds Wildflowers growing in the sidewalk cracks

Behind an abandoned brick store, there are these pink beauties. Is this bee balm?

Looks like a cluster of pink, glittery stars to me!

Growing in the gravel...

And, to remind us that this is, indeed, the city: broken bits of green glass, glittering in the sunshine.

Still somehow pretty.

Back at our apartment! 

Thanks for joining me on a walk around our very living street!

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