Friday, September 7, 2012

little things

Oh, the little things.

Tiny purple flowers, barely-there breezes, fluttering leaves, sunshine and shade dappled grass, tangy lemonade, bare toes, the comfort of leaning on my husband's chest, a content stomach, a full heart, a peaceful mind.
Each day holds something little to be thankful for.


1. The speckled bird just above me as I put a thank-you note in the mailbox.
2. The reason for the thank-you note: a fridge full of groceries that we couldn't afford on our own.
3. The beauty of picked-for-me roses, hand delivered by my momma, with a hug, of course.
4. A not-too-hot, not humid morning with clear blue skies, sun, and a breeze.
5. Clean sheets and a dryer that works
6. As much water as I need
7. Comfortable, stretchy workout pants. Today, I will walk.
8. Tears that simultaneously express my pain and heal my heart
9. The possibility of a collegiate teaching position - daring to hope
10. Peace in the knowledge that all my needs will be met. All of them. Praying for contentment and wisdom to be willing to let go of things I don't need, and trusting for the things that we really do need.

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