Tuesday, September 4, 2012

before Baby bucket list

(just a few) Goals:

Make a taggie blanket, nursing cover, and an infant-size vest/hat/bootie set for our little guy
Make (unnamed projects: 6 knitted projects down, 2 of 4 sewn to go) for my sisters-in-law; their little babies are boys, too!
Go visit Niagara Falls - next weekend!
Knit something for charity - done
Decide on and make Christmas presents for the family (many done, 6 or so to go)
Make sugar cookies to freeze for Christmas - done
Enjoy more uninterrupted dinner-and-a-movie nights with the hubby
Prepare and freeze some meals to have after Baby is born
Get up-to-date on my scrapbooking, because I'll likely not have much energy to do it when he's born - caught up to this past April...
Learn how to use my nice camera in manual mode so that I can get great pictures of Baby in any lighting
...and so much more!

1 comment:

Andy and Kristen said...

amen to the manual mode one! i'm sure you'll figure it out, and the good news is babies generally stay pretty still when they're first born, so you'll have lots of time to adjust your settings ;) hope you get everything crossed off in time! :)