Thursday, September 27, 2012

little things

Sometimes I tell you a bit about the little things I notice and the blessings I'm thankful for... the closed-up party-striped morning glories on our fence
2. the cardinal that visited our yard
3. my husband getting home right on time, with an uneventful drive
4. the food that has been in our home and on our plates every day
5. phone calls from family and friends
6. snuggly sweatpants and stretchy shirts that cover my growing baby belly
7. every little movement Baby makes
8. the many gifts we've received for our little one
9. my fall-scented candle
10. an opportunity to sing in a choir

And sometimes, there are really BIG little things.

Things like knowing our baby is healthy and normal.
Things like waking up next to my wonderful husband, rather than miles apart.
Things like a sweet lady at the women's retreat this weekend who decided that she wanted to pay for our groceries this week.
Things like the surprise, anonymous card in the mail, stuffed with a $50 restaurant gift card, and with only the word "ENJOY!" handwritten inside. 

These are the things I can only thank God for! Anonymous friend, I cried tears of gratitude when I opened the card you sent. You might know that we're living paycheck to paycheck, that having a special date night was out of the question. Thank you for that precious gift!

To the woman at the retreat weekend: you make me feel so loved and cared for. To know that I can buy more than just milk, eggs, and bananas this week is such a blessing. I'm tearing up just thinking about your generosity.

To God alone, thank you. For meeting all our needs. For providing us with reassurance that our baby is healthy. For bringing us into the place where we are now, where we must rely on You fully. You are the one who directs our feet, who gives us peace in these difficult times.

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