Monday, October 29, 2012

little things

It has really been too long since my last post. I have been busy: washing baby clothes, preparing for choir rehearsals, cleaning, napping, laundering, washing dishes, baking, napping... third trimester is a bit tiring! But, anyway, here are the little things for which I am thankful:
My morning glories don't know that it's fall. I don't mind.

1. bright orange, white, green, and yellow gourds decorating my coffee table
2. cozy sweaters that still (kinda) fit
3. lots of hugs from the hubby
4. knowing that I've made and frozen the three kinds of Christmas cookies I've been meaning to make for this coming season
5. checking Christmas gifts off the list
6. hearing at my last baby checkup that the little guy's heartbeat is "perfect"
7. enough food, water, gas, blankets, and candles to make it through the coming BIG STORM
8. my very entertaining, sweet sister and her roommate
9. friends who ask how I really am and care to pray for me
10. being able to go to our small-group Bible study two weeks in a row

...and so much more, of course. Like waking up next to my husband and being pulled in close to him, held tightly and safely for just five more minutes before we start the day. Like this time of unemployment that helps me feel less stressed about preparing for our baby's arrival. Like the opportunity we had to participate in music at church yesterday.

God is good. I hope you can rest in Him today!

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Kristen said...

Ah, I love snuggling 'for just 5 more minutes' before starting the day! So glad your little one is developing perfectly - I cannot wait to meet him someday soon! :)