Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trying to rest

Last Sunday's sermon was about observing real Sabbaths, real days of rest. I'm really bad at the whole taking a break and resting thing. My to-do list, though often made only in my mind, still haunts me to the point of exhaustion.

Do the laundry. Wash dishes. Scoop the litter. Sweep floors. Make the bed. Install the carseat. Return the multiples of registry items. Eat something. (Yes, that feels like a chore sometimes.) nap. Make something for dinner. Figure out what insurance plan to choose.

Today and yesterday both, I was able to nap. I just surrendered to the comfy couch and slept: a very good thing. Even today, I still feel exhausted, though I did nap.

Baby is making his cramped quarters well known to me. I can often feel his feet pushing on my ribs, which in turn makes his little bottom press on my belly and his head & fists push on my pelvis. I love feeling his movements and knowing he'll be out soon! His crib is assembled, clothes are washed, and his carseat is in the car. I've packed a hospital bag (and repacked), written a last-minute list of things to get before we leave, and made some arrangements with our family. I've chosen a pediatrician. I still need to fill out the preregistration paperwork for the hospital, and I'm still considering a birthing plan.

Exhausting, indeed. Pray that I'm able to find rest as we count down the days to our son's birth!

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