Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A full day

A full day means something entirely different now that I'm 37 weeks pregnant! Yesterday, I was absolutely beat after a trip to the post office and a doctor's appointment. Today, though, I accomplished things.

First things first: I knitted and made significant progress on a birthday gift for my dad. This is good, seeing how his birthday is a week from today. Ha!

Then, I filled out the preregistration form for the upcoming hospital stay. I also called our insurance company and asked some important questions about how to proceed once Baby is born.

Next, I pulled out the crock pot tomato soup that I assembled yesterday afternoon. Whew. No worrying about dinner tonight! Then, in a moment of inspiration, I made lasagna. For the first time ever! It's going in the freezer for us to eat after baby is born. I hope it turned out well!

Tomorrow is our small group's Thanksgiving dinner, and the hubby volunteered me to make pumpkin pie. From scratch. So yesterday, I puréed the pumpkin that I cleaned and cooked on Sunday night, and portioned it out into 3 cup measurements - one pie is 1.5 cups of pumpkin, and my crust recipe makes two pies, so I always make two pumpkin pies at a time.

Today, I made the crust, fully planning the filling step for tomorrow, and completely forgetting that the recipe says to pour the filling into the still-hot crust after it bakes for a bit. So, I made the filling, too. And it turned out well, I think!

Lastly, since the oven was already hot, I made biscuits to go with dinner: a favorite of the hubby. And I managed to also print out some paperwork that I'll finish tomorrow. Even if that's all I do tomorrow, I'll be satisfied!

Thankful for today. Waiting on tomorrow. And so very anxious to have this baby!! Pray for our health and for my patience...

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Rachel said...

I love the leaves on the pies! and the baby will be here before you know it--yay! enjoy the time you have alone with your husband. I would pay money to have just one day of being able to do whatever I want--so appreciate your last few days of that!