Monday, November 19, 2012

reasons to be thankful

For the little things, of course. Those things we overlook. Expect a "little things" post sometime soon.

Why do we, as a nation, take a holiday to be thankful? The Pilgrims celebrated their survival through hardship, friendships old and new, and religious freedom. Certainly, we take a holiday to remember the start of our nation and the beginning of these freedoms we take for granted, the beginning of a country whose national ideals were based on biblically sound principals: valuing all people and their God-given rights to life. We take a holiday to slow down and breathe before a truly busy season that does not often include rest. There's a religious practice called anamnesis - a literal re-remembering of who and what we are, where we came from, how we've been blessed, and to Whom we give thanks. We take time to reenact and remember the past because of how those memories of God's faithfulness can bless us in the situation we're in now.

But other reasons?

Thankfulness helps us to see what really matters in life, and what makes living worthwhile.
Thankfulness, when it's the first thought in my mind, helps me to forgive both myself and others.
Thankfulness leads to contentment.
Thankfulness keeps me from sinking into depression.
Thankfulness causes me to be mindful of all that I have already, and helps me to notice what others might need.
Thankfulness reminds me to pray, and to praise God for what He has allowed and orchestrated in my life.
Thankfulness fosters joy in my heart as I remember how truly blessed I am.

What things come to mind as you take the time to be thankful?

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