Wednesday, November 21, 2012

little miracle: sneak peek!

Today, we had an ultrasound - at 38 weeks! My doctor had measured my belly at 41 centimeters last week at my 37 week appointment, and wanted to determine the cause for that. I, for one, think it's partly because I'm rather short (5'1") and that there's nowhere for this little guy to go but out!

Look at this smile! He was sticking his tongue out while we watched.

Brad was able to come with me, as I had a super-early morning appointment. It was so amazing to see our baby again - and this time, we got some 3D pictures of his adorable face! I am beyond excited to meet this little one!
The sonogram specialist, Dr. Grace, told us that our baby's measurements put him smack dab in the middle of normal range for size: he's about 7lbs, 1oz as of today. There is a bit of extra amniotic fluid, however, which is what's making my belly so big. The doctor wasn't too concerned, though, since the baby is so active and everything else looks good. They'll be watching me for further signs of gestational diabetes and they'll do a non-stress test (listening to baby's heartbeat) next week if I'm still pregnant next week!
All this is to say: I'm carrying a little miracle. And I can't wait to hold him in my arms! I cannot wait to see him in Brad's arms, either, and to confirm outside the womb how much Baby looks like his Daddy.

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