Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Joshua by the week

I've been taking pictures of my sweet Joshua baby each week, but haven't been able to post them... See, my laptop's power cord died, and left me with just a bit of battery power, and then... nothing. So now I'm back with a new power cord, all my files, and lots of pictures to share! Yay! Here are the first ten weeks, with one (so hard to decide on just one!) picture per week.

One Week
At one week old, Joshua Garron was a lot sleepy, had a head full of soft, light brown hair, and deep blue eyes. His precious little hands and feet were sooo tiny! He was a little bit jaundiced, and we visited the pediatrician three times in one week to watch his growth. We counted each ounce gained as a little victory! We have been so thankful for our little miracle, and for my mom's help as we adjust to this new little life. Joshua's first cousin was born at the end of this week: Tucker Cross, the adorable son of Brad's sister.

Two Weeks
Two weeks came so quickly! I fought off an infection and was just starting to feel better, when Brad got the 24-hour flu. He was vomiting every hour for most of the day - such a difficult day! We were so thankful for meals and medicine from our friends, and for Brad's parents coming to help us deal with all the mess and germs. Baby Joshua was happy and healthy, though! He cracks us up with his cute expressions, and he continues to gain weight each day. We went to Buffalo and to Sugar Grove and got to celebrate Christmas as Joshua met so many of his loving relatives.

Three Weeks
My tiny baby at three weeks: he still had wrinkly skin on his elbows and knees, just waiting to be plumped up! He began to stretch out his arms and legs, and is so very wiggly. Newborn clothes still seem so big on him! Joshua began to sleep for two or three hour periods at night, but not consistently. Mommy is so tired, but happy.

Four Weeks
At four weeks, we began to see a few smiles! Joshua finally made it back up to his birth weight, and we were so excited for him. It's so fun to begin to see more personality from my sweet baby boy.

Five Weeks
Joshie is starting to lose his newborn hair! He's still so wrinkly, but is starting to get a bigger belly. We're still so amazed that this precious boy is ours! Joshua also got a special gift on his one month birthday: another new cousin!

Six Weeks
 Six weeks was the first time that Mommy could put her wedding rings back on - hooray! Joshua is beginning to outgrow newborn outfits in length, but not in width! We're putting more pants and onesie combinations on him, and beginning to pack away the footed outfits.

Seven Weeks
Joshua loves to "talk" to us! We sing and coo to him all day, and his grandparents are loving the videos we send them of our morning conversations.  He's starting to love looking at objects hanging overhead and enjoys his mobile and snugabunny seat for those reasons!

Eight Weeks
My wiggly baby seems to never stop moving! We swaddle him at nighttime, but he somehow works his arms out of the blanket...little Houdini!

Ten Weeks - Two Months!
Joshua rolled over from tummy to back for the first time at the end of his tenth week - big boy! He's smiling and cooing more than ever, and we love his little personality. He's also all the way up to 9lbs, 14oz, making Mommy proud!

We love you so much, baby Joshua! You truly are a precious gift.


Andy and Kristen said...

What a little cutie! I love that you're capturing him at each week :)

vyombo@gmail.com said...

This is Beautiful!! It was GREAT to see you and the Whole family on Sunday!! You do have a precious Gift!!

Sara Brunner said...

He's gorgeous! Also, I just nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out my post and follow instructions! :)