Wednesday, May 8, 2013

thrifting again!

Saturday morning was Joshua's first yard sale trip with his Mommy! We met up with Meg, who blogs over here. She invited us to check out the community-wide yard sale event just a few miles from our new home, and there were so many great things!

It was difficult to find parking, but we succeeded in finding a space for our big SUV. I set up the stroller, plopped Joshua in, put his sun hat on his head, and headed out!

The neighborhood was so beautiful, with nicely planned gardens, well-kept homes, and friendly people. There were so many great sales, too! I spent a whopping five dollars. Here's the breakdown:

Two dollars for...

...a belly band (for my next pregnancy... not anytime too soon!) in black. Similar ones retail for about $18, and you can see how it's used here. The one I borrowed from my friend, Sarah, allowed me to wear my non-maternity pants for all of my pregnancy. Yes, maternity pants were more comfortable at about 8 months and following, but I could still wear the non-maternity jeans, and it felt GREAT.

One dollar for...

...a gently used Nalgene On-The-Go bottle in a vivid lime green. Sanitized in my dishwasher, and bam! About $10 saved.

One dollar for...

...two, count 'em, two, Pyrex refrigerator dishes, like this blue one. That would have set me back about $10 each at an antique store. Now I have three blue and one aqua, and I'm only missing one lid. I also have two small dishes - one red, one pink - and two large yellow dishes. Yay!

One dollar for... adorable nautical romper, a lot like this one, for my baby boy. He wore it that very day to a friend's first birthday party!

And that, my friends, is five dollars well-spent. A modest guess of how much I saved off of retail prices? About $60.

To add to the fun, I had been to one of my favorite thrift shops earlier in the week with my sweet baby. He enjoyed his nap in the Ergo carrier while I enjoyed some thrifting...that's a win-win situation. I found him a little fisherman's floppy sun hat (similar to this, for $20), a set of about 120 colored blocks, similar to these (about $20), and six children's picture books, including a Pat the Bunny ABC book, a Baby Einstein book, a Priddy book, a beautifully illustrated Max Lucado children's story, and a book of Bible stories. It just happened to be 25% off everything day, so the blocks came to $7.50, the books were just $4, and the hat was $4. Amount saved instead of purchasing brand new? About $80.

Oh! And just this past Monday, Stephanie and I took our boys to Once Upon a Child, where we found adorable little shoes and summer clothes for them. It's so easy to overspend there, and I did spend more than I meant to spend. Alas, it was all for good deals and for things my baby can use all summer. Hooray for thrifting! Hooray for friends! Hooray for sisters!

And thanks be to God for the many ways he has blessed us. We have so much more than we need, and I am grateful.

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jenberrybrown said...

I can imagine your voice reading this. I know you had a great time. You are my thrifting inspiration for our upcoming move. We're selling almost everything and starting over. I'm sure there will be plenty of thrift and yard sales in my future.