Thursday, April 25, 2013

Citrus vinaigrette

I've been avoiding dairy products for almost two weeks now! So far, I can't say I've seen much improvement in baby Josh, but I have "cheated" for a slice of pizza and a spoonful of my mom's delicious chocolate buttercream. I bought almond milk last week, and I'm trying almond-coconut milk this week, I've tried rice cheese, and I'm mostly doing ok. I bought spinach salad to be sure I'm getting enough calcium, too. I do really miss yogurt and I'm wishing for ice cream, but it's ok. Mostly, I've been so surprised at how many prepared foods have milk or whey in them! I was shocked that my favorite crackers, salt and vinegar chips, and even spaghetti sauce have milk products in them.

Speaking of that spinach, though - I almost poured buttermilk ranch dressing all over it! I reached for the Italian instead, and realized I'd purchased the kind with Parmesan cheese in it - oops. So, what to do? Make dressing, of course! I did a quick search for easy vinaigrette recipes and settled on this one.

I gathered my ingredients, pleased that I actually had most of the in the house. I've been packing for our move this weekend, so many of our kitchen items are in boxes somewhere in the apartment.

I guessed on measurements, because my measuring cups and spoons are packed. Surprisingly enough, it turned out deliciously!

I've been eating it on salads all week now. It's especially yummy with grilled chicken and dried berries. Hooray!

Now, back to packing boxes. Well, after I finish snuggling with baby Joshua as he naps :)

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