Friday, August 16, 2013

garage sale scores

The other day, we passed a garage sale on the way home. We didn't stop, but I kept it in mind. Later that evening, the baby needed to get outside for a walk - well, I needed to get outside for a walk, so the baby had to come! And we just happened to walk right to that garage sale. Happy.

I got a brand-new, complete with tag, no scratches or any sign of use, pink Nalgene bottle, like this one (retails for $10.99).

I also got a sealed tin of Harney & Sons peppermint herbal tea  (retails for $5.99).

I dug through a box of baby clothes labeled $0.50 an item (woot!) and got a matching set of microfleece pants and a half-zip pullover in solid navy blue for Joshua to wear this fall and winter (full price is $34, on sale for about $19).

And now, I'm sure you're wanting to know how much I paid for this haul (about $51, full price), and I'll tell you.

Two. Dollars.


A blessing :)

Anyone want to come over for tea?

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Teamfuest said...

Nice!!! I love when garage sales are so successful! I bought our solid-wood dining table at a garage sale several years ago for $15. Yes, $15. It was on a total whim on my lunch break. :)