Friday, August 16, 2013

Five minute Friday: small


Like the sparrow we saw on our stroller ride/walk today, Joshua.

Like your little fingers, and my slender, big person fingers helping you to walk.

I know how it feels to be small, my son, and sometimes, it's really hard. You feel frustrated because you can't do the things you wish you could. You cry because what you want is out of reach. You cry because you can't communicate what you're feeling.

And your voice - even your little whimpers wake me from sleep, my boy. Even though you're in your own room and in your crib, the monitor on the lowest setting, I still hear you. But God heard you long before you even cried for help. He will always answer. He won't grumble as he comes to rescue you, as your mommy sometimes does. He will help you in ways I can't. I am small. Our God is "so big, so strong and so mighty; there's nothing our God cannot do."

Small, like how I feel when other people my age talk about their accomplishments in their careers. When people my age have their doctorate degrees finished and a college teaching career begun.  When we bought a small (beautiful! full of history! Just right for us!) house and theirs is huge and new and suburban and full of "wow" factor.

But not forgotten. We are small, son, but we have everything we need. The little things matter, and God sees. His eye is on the sparrow, and I know he watches me.

Five Minute Friday


Jacque Watkins said...

We are indeed small but not forgotten, and we do have everything we need. Beautiful!

Susan Heiser said...

That was a beautiful post, and so wise. It's a constant struggle, in this world, to keep our focus on the things that matter and remember that contentment is found in God's provision of what we need, not the world's definition of what we ought to want. Bless you for seeing it and teaching your child, and for sharing your wisdom.