Thursday, August 22, 2013


Lately, my days have been settling into a semblance of normal. We have a bit of a rhythm going, and it's like this:

Wake to a delightful little one's smiles promptly at 6:45. Or 6. Or 5. Or 8am, on that blessed day called Monday (thank you, Lord).

Change the little guy into daytime clothes and plunk him in the pack and play while I feed the cat, empty the dehumidifier, and make breakfast and Brad's lunch.

After we eat breakfast, Brad heads off to work, and Joshie has a nap while I have a shower. At least, the shower part is a goal! The nap is usually only about 30-45 minutes long. Sometimes Joshua refuses to sleep and we just wait it out until nap #2, at about 11 or 11:30.

Morning play time sometimes means we head outside, or that I put Josh in the Ergo carrier on my back while I throw a load of laundry in. Sometimes it means all I can handle is turning on something classical on Youtube while the baby plays with blocks on the floor and pulls the cat's tail. And fur. And whiskers. And ears. Oscar is such a tolerant, lovey cat.

The midday nap is often the "long" nap. Long for this baby means about 1.5 hours, usually interrupted halfway through. He likes to know I'm still there...I think! The long nap means I get to rest, myself, and enjoy some quiet lunch time.

Afternoons consist of more play time for Joshua, which means I'm often holding his little hands to help him walk, carrying him all over (hefty 20lb load, mind you), and keeping him from crawling over to electrical cords and teething on Daddy's shoes. Sometimes I'm able to fit in some crunches on the floor while he's playing, or I can pay a couple bills online, or write part of an email. Sometimes I'm able to snap some pictures of him and continue to slowly learn about shooting in manual mode.

Sometimes the baby will nap at about 4, especially if the midday nap was short. This is also a short nap, since he goes to bed at 6:45 or 7. Having him asleep by 7:30 is the hard-and-fast bedtime, but he's often tired enough to be asleep by 6:45.

Then, I blog. If I have the energy. And sometimes, a blog post (like this one) takes days to complete.

But I need to do this. I need to have time where I do something normal and fulfilling for me. More than just taking a shower, but taking time to be creative, to decorate, to write, to think, to read. Introverted, expressive, thought-filled me needs this.


And then I catch what sleep I can during the wakeful night. And count my many blessings. This, my friends, is my "schedule."

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