Friday, September 6, 2013


There's a story going around Facebook about a mother and daughter who wish each other "enough" as they part ways at an airport. Sentimental and sweet.

But enough is sometimes difficult. We're satisfied, but still wish for more. Two pieces of pizza, a full glass of milk. Enough, but I still eat a third piece? And then have dessert, too? Clean clothes that fit well, warm jackets and comfortable shoes, and yet I want a new dress and buy a scarf just because it's five dollars and so cute and I really like it so I must have it?

Enough sometimes means only enough. Enough pennies to cover the bills, but nothing more. Enough gas to get to and from work and church, but not a trip to a friend's lake cottage. Enough for basic groceries, but not for a package of Wegman's O's or pre-made guacamole. Where is the thankful part of me when I feel sad about having just enough? When our bills are paid, we have each other, enough food and clothing and a beautiful little home? When our Savior sacrificed his earthly life so that we could have the abounding grace of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit? What more do I need?

A new paint color, matching rugs, that dress, a new e-reader and iPod for my husband, new toys for the baby, a new car, another car, another job, more this, less that, more, more, more.

Contentedness is the part of enough that's most difficult. Can I choose to be satisfied with enough food, well-fitting clothes, having a car at all, a wonderful husband, an adorable son, good friends, and a home? Not on my own, I can't. Nothing but the strength and grace of God can make me any better than I am. He is the only good in me, and He is Enough.

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