Friday, September 6, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Red

 The color of romance, love, fire, rage, stop. Extreme emotions, loud, bright, unmistakable.
And yet, also, the color of blood, of hurt, of pain.
Red. It reminds us that we're human beings, that we feel deeply and act, sometimes without thinking. It's the chosen color for the words of Christ in the printed Bible, and the color of rich, velvet, kingly luxury. It brings to mind paintings - cubism, impressionism. Woman and little girl in a field of poppies, boats bobbing in the lake, and strange faces and sharp angles.
But mostly, I see red as life. Red itself seems alive, and full, and passionate. It seems warm and welcoming to me, with a dash of peppery spice, of vivacious surprise.
What is it about color? Memories, places, people. Some hear music and see color, some think words and associate a hue. Amazing that we can see in color, and share that added beauty together.
Five Minute Friday


Anonymous said...

Stopping by FMF...loved the photos and descriptions of the color red. "a little girl in a field of poppies....a dash of peppery spice." Words can have their own hue of color. Enjoyed reading! More Grace,Donna

Aileen A said...

Red has always been a strong color for me, but I agree, it also shows our weakness, our being human. This is simply beautiful.

Visiting from FMF :-)